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    What Kind of Warranty Do We Offer?


New replacement parts carry a minimum manufacture warranty of 30 days and a maximum manufacture warranty of 1 year.  The warranty period depends on the brand of your appliance.  In most cases if a new replacement part fails within the first 30 days we will also cover the labor.  If it fails after the first 30 days you will be charged the full labor charge for the service.



From time to time we may have a good used part available for purchase.  Used parts do NOT carry a warranty.  Used parts, when available, will be offered at a much lower rate than a new part.  They are provided for the customer's convenience and do not carry any guarantee as to how long they will work.   If, after given your options, you choose to have a used part installed you will again be informed that there is no warranty or guarantee on the part.  If at any time the used part fails you will be charged a new labor charge for your service call. 



Used appliances, when available, do NOT carry a warranty.  Used appliances are sold as is and there is no guarantee as to how long they will last.  From time to time we come across used appliances that are worth repairing and offering for sale.  We do run all of our appliances and check them out prior to listing them for sale. This is in no way a guarantee that they will never have an issue.  You, as the buyer, will be given the opportunity to run the appliance and check it out fully prior to your purchase.  We do not offer returns on appliances.  Once you purchase an appliance it is yours.  It is your responsibility to make sure the appliance you are purchasing will work for you and your home.  We do offer delivery and installation for an additional fee.  Please see our "Rates & Services" tab for more information on delivery and installation.  For a full list of the appliances we currently have for sale please see out "Used Appliances" Tab.