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        What is Preventative Maintenance?

Much like your car, an appliance must also be maintained.  Can you imagine how your car would run if you never changed the oil, replaced wearing belts, cleaned out the interior or rotated your tires?  You would end up with a gas guzzling machine that doesn't run well and it will cost you a ton when it does finally break down.  When you don't maintain your appliances you end up with an appliance that sucks up your electricity, runs and sounds horrible or, even worse, an appliance that  brakes down and is expensive to repair.  During a Preventative Maintenance Service our technician will inspect the unit to ensure proper operation, clean up the inner working parts, grease and oil the parts that need lubricated and, if needed, suggest minor repairs such as belt replacements.  The goal is to keep your appliance running as efficient as the day you purchased it.  Keeping you appliances maintained will allow your appliances to operate longer and be more energy efficient.  Although this service will not guarantee that you will never have a problem with your appliance in the future it can help to prevent costly repairs in the future, lower your utility bill and lengthen the life of your appliance. Call us today and schedule an appointment for your Preventative Maintenance!

                               Refrigerators - $85

What to expect during a Refrigerator Preventative Maintenance:

Our technician will thoroughly clean the the evaporator and fan as well as the area surrounding it, allowing your appliance to "breath." As your refrigerator runs it collects dust, dirt, pet hair and other air born particles in the fan and evaporator.  This collection of debris doesn't allow your Refrigerator to "breath."  This will cause your compressor and fans to work harder than normal.  Causing undue wear on the life of your compressor and fan.  This also causes a rise in your utility costs. If left uncleaned this could possibly ruin your compressor. 

Our technician will make sure that your drain is free from debris to prevent a clog and water leakage on your floor.  Debris can also build up in your drain.  When your freezer defrosts the water goes into a pan where it is later evaporated from the heat of your compressor.  When your drain becomes plugged your refrigerator will begin leaking water onto your kitchen floor.  This often causes damage to your flooring and even damage to the ceiling in the room below.

Our technician will check to make sure that your refrigerator and freezer doors are sealing properly so that you are not loosing cool air.  When your refrigerator and freezer are leaking air it causes undue wear on your compressor and a rise in electricity costs.  Having your doors properly sealed is a must.  Sometimes the remedy is as simple as cleaning the seal or adjusting the door. He will inspect the seal for any rips, tears or cracks to determine if the seal is in need of being replaced.

Our technician will check for excess frost and ice build up.  Excess ice or frost build up may be indicative of a defrost issue.  In most cases an owner will not notice that there is a defrosting issue until the refrigerator begins to not cool properly.  In most cases this means that they have lost hundreds of dollars worth of food.

Our technician will check your sealed system for leaks.  Leaks in your sealed system can, over time, cause you to need a recharge of freon or, even worse, cause your compressor to fail.  Also, the freon that is leaking into the air is extremely harmful to the environment.  It is very important to notice these leaks early on.  Loss of freon means your refrigerator is not cooling properly and, again, can causes your compressor to work harder than normal.  This could also lead to a complete loss of food when your freon gets to low to cool at all.

Finally, Our technician will check to make sure that your refrigerator and freezer are operating at the proper temperatures.  He will also take the time to answer any questions you might have and give you advice on how to care for it until you have  maintenance performed again.

We recommend that you have a Refrigerator Preventative Maintenance Performed on a yearly basis by a knowledgeable technician.

                                   Dryers - $85

What to expect during your Dryer Preventative Maintenance: 

The most common issue we see on a dryer that is not drying properly is that the unit simply needs maintenance.  Having regular proper maintenance done on your dryer could save you money on costly repairs in the future.

Our Technician will clean all of the lint build up out of your dryer.  This is a far more detailed process then simply sticking an attachment on your vacuum hose and sticking it down the area where your lint trap is located.  It is important to clear all of the lint and debris from a dryer on a regular basis.  If left unclean the dryer will begin to have longer then necessary dry times.  A build up of lint in a dryer could also cause a fire.  Lint is very flammable and tends to smolder for a very long time. 


Our Technician will check to ensure that your rollers and felt are in good repair.  When the rollers and felt wear down they can begin to cause undue wear on the tub itself, the bearings, the motor and the belt.  If you have these items replaced before they wear down it may prevent costly repairs in the future! 

Our Technician will inspect your belt to insure that it is in good condition.