Appliances Appliances Bad Tub Seal This is a Bad Tub Seal for a washing machine. When your tub seal is bad your unit will leak. If this is not repaired at the first sign then it could cause other, more expensive issues! 65711818 Good Tub Seal 65711752 This is a broken drive block in a top load washing machine. 65711819 Call at the first sign! On this front load washing machine the spindle had cracked and eventually broke. Unfortunately when the spindle broke it broke the outer tub. This is a costly repair as the inner tub, outer tub and spindle needed to be replaced. 65711820 Yuck! This is what is lurking inside your washing machine that you don't see! 65711821 Older Top Load Washer This is a disassembled top load washing machine. 65711822 This is a transmission for an older washing machine. The older the appliance the harder it is to find parts for. This washing machine had the transmission go out and I looked into rebuilding it for my customer. Unfortunately, the Neutral Spin assembly could not be repaired. 65711823 Appliances 65711919 SAR new logo 77738338 SAR new logo 77738339 SAR new logo 77738340 appliance delivery 1 148137882 appliance delivery 2 148137883 appliance delivery 3 148137884 dryer fire hazzard 148137885