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Summer Preventative Maintenance

Posted on September 11, 2015 at 10:30 AM

Preventative Maintenance - Schedule NOW

It is that time of year again!


My Favorite Time of the Year!


The time of year has come when it is getting hot out. For us, in the appliance world that means REFRIGERATOR SEASON! For me, it means a lot of calls about refrigerators not cooling. For Shane, my husband, that means a lot of late nights working to keep everyone's food cold and Ice Cream frozen!


This time of year everyone is so wrapped up in working outside! No shame in this, I am too! I love to be outside. None the less, it is because of the season that the inside stuff is kind of put on the back burner.


Of course we service refrigerators all year long. However, this time of year we see many more refrigerators that begin to not cool properly. Summer time is the worst time for this to happen. Unlike the winter months when you can put your stuff in a cooler and set it outside until the Appliance Master comes, when your refrigerator stops cooling in the summer, you can loose HUNDREDS of dollars in food.


Throughout the year dust, debris, pet hair and other air born particles clog up the 'breathing' components of your fridge. The more this debris builds up, the harder your fridge has to work to keep cool. Combine this build up of debris with the hotter temperatures, you wind up with double whammy of causes for major fridge issues.


The harder your fridge has to work to keep cool the higher the probability your fridge will have a major, untimely problem.


You may ask "Why is it more likely to happen in the summer?" ... The reason is, as the temperatures outside rise, your refrigerator has to work harder to keep everything inside cool. Often times this means that control boards go bad or compressors can't kick on. The machine is working harder than any other time of year to keep your milk cold and your ice cream frozen.


One of the best ways to keep your refrigerator running its best is to have a Preventative Maintenance performed on your fridge. When this service is performed regularly it helps to lower the chances that your fridge will have major problems later on.


Please, do not confuse this statement with "your fridge will never have problems." We can NOT guarantee that an appliance will never have problems. This service is meant to help lower the probability that you will have major, untimely issues.


The added bonus, for all my fellow "go green" people, having this service performed will also help to increase the energy efficiency of your fridge.


I, myself, am running a little behind this year. I meant to get this out in April or May so that we could all be ahead of the game. However, it is never too late! Call and schedule your Preventative Maintenance today!


Keep in mind, if you schedule to have a preventative maintenance done on your dryer at the same time YOU GET A DISCOUNT on the second appliance! Maintenance charges are $85 for the first appliance and $45 for the second! I will even go a step further for our customers.... Now through September 30, 2015 ONLY, IF you head on over and 'like' our Facebook Page ( AND you mention THIS blog post when you schedule your preventative maintenance I will give you an additional discount, $80 for the first and $40 for the second!*


*You must mention this blog when you call in to schedule the appointment, not during the service call. Maintenance calls are not service calls. If you are having a problem with your appliance these discounted rates do not apply. This offer is only good on Preventative Maintenance calls that are scheduled between NOW and September 30, 2015.*


Also, please remember that we at Shane's Appliance Repair are located in Colorado. We service the Colorado Springs/Monument/Falcon/Fountain Areas! If you are not sure if you are in our service area please call our office! For Contact information please visit our website at and click on the "Contact Information" tab!

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