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Planting our Roots in a Whole New Place

Posted on October 2, 2014 at 12:35 PM

The following Blog was posted on my, Alexis', personal Blog.  I have had a lot of views and such on it so I figured I would Share it on here.  This is the story I had titled "Planting our Roots in a Whole New Place."  I hope that you like the read and I appologize that it is not appliance related...  My personal Blog and a Business Blog are posted on Blogger by Google+.  Please feel free to head over there and look them up.  I do copy all of the Appliance Blogs to the website for easier access.  The appliance Blog is titled: "The Appliance Master's Wife and the personal Blog is titled: "The Tale of a Wife and Mom" ...  Thanks for Reading

Seven years ago my husband and I decided to uproot our little family and plant our roots somewhere else. We did not just get a wild hair up our butts and decide we wanted to move. We were faced with a reality; we needed to get our son the help that he needed so that he could advance in his education. We had no idea what the future would hold or what path the Lord would lead us down. We decided to take a leap and have faith in the Lord. Here is the story of why and how we decided to plant our roots in the Colorado Springs area.


At the end of our Son's Kindergarten School Year we reflected on how the year had gone. Our son is not the regular run of the mill kind of child. He was born blind and is also autistic. He was not happy in the school he had attended. It was clear in the fact that many days I would have to pick him up from school early. He did not make any progress that year. He spent a lot of time crying and unhappy. I think that this was due to his inability to communicate his wants and needs. The school district that we lived in simply did not have the resources or knowledge to help our son the way he needed helped. I am great full to the teachers and staff who did what they knew how to do to the best of their ability. However, it just wasn't a good fit for our son. He needed more.


My husband and I sat down and we discussed the options for his education. What kind of school does he need? We determined that a school with staff and professionals whom had the knowledge and resources to help blind children would be best. We had previously visited the Nebraska School for the Blind in Nebraska City, NE to have some assessments done. The Nebraska School for the Blind was some 7 1/2 hours away from our home town, where both of our families lived. This travel time did not include stops to refill with gas or get food. When we took the trip it took us over 10 hours to travel to Nebraska City. Let alone the fact that we would still need to travel several hours to get specialized medical care for him and the town really didn't offer much as far a job opportunities. What other options were out there? We discovered that there was a School for the Blind in Colorado; Colorado Springs, CO to be specific. We did some checking and found that the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind in Colorado Springs, CO was only four hours from our home town. Colorado Springs also had medical facilities and specialists in town who would be able to treat our son if the need ever arose again and the city was large enough to offer a variety of different job opportunities.


In early June that year we, my husband and I, decided to take a weekend trip to Colorado Springs, CO. We wanted to check out the town, the job opportunities, medical resources and most importantly The School. We had arranged a meeting with the principal and a director at the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind. When we arrived in Colorado Springs we went to work checking out the town. When we opened the phone book (yes, I said Phone Book... We didn't own smart phones back then) to see what kind of Appliance Repair Companies were in town we were both shocked at the number of companies. Coming from a small town where there were only two local companies we were quite confident that my husband would not have a problem finding a job. The medical resources that we had previously been required to travel three hours to get were right there in town. We visited the school and were absolutely amazed with it. We liked the town as a whole.


On our drive home it was very clear that our minds were made up. There wasn't much debate about what we needed to do. The city of Colorado Springs offered us so much more than Nebraska City. The only pro to Nebraska City was that they had a Valentino's Restaurant and Colorado Springs did not; that wasn't enough though. No matter what it took we would be moving to Colorado Springs so that our son could attend the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind. We were excited about the town, the job opportunities and the school. On top of that we would be moving to a town that had the medical resources that we would need for our son. Prior to us moving to Colorado Springs anytime we needed Medical Treatment, outside of the normal pediatric stuff, we had to travel to Denver to see a specialist. We decided that we, as parents, needed to do this for our son.


Upon our return from our short visit we knew it was time to get to work on making it happen. For some this would be an easy task. Find a home and move. Well, we are not exactly the rich kind of family that just has money sitting around. The plan was that my husband would go to Colorado Springs, get a job, find a home and then we would move the family down there. Like I said, we aren't exactly the rich kind of people. This was going to be a struggle to maintain a home for the kids and myself in Nebraska and have my husband four hours away seeking employment and a home and trying to pay for that. However, if there is one thing my husband is good at it is taking something that seems impossible and making it possible. He is a fighter; a survivor.


A couple of weeks after our visit my husband decided that the best thing to do was for him to just go. Ride the wave and see what happened. If we waited around until we had more money in the bank we would probably still be waiting. So, with a full tank of gas, a suitcase full of cloths and the last $50 we had in our account he left one morning to head to Colorado Springs, CO. A whole new place. An unknown place. When he arrived he had no where to sleep, but the truck. He had no job. He had no money except the $50 he left with; not even enough money to get enough gas to get back home. It was a sink or swim kind of situation.


Upon his arrival in town he picked the company with the most advertisements in the phone book and went to their shop. They were closed by the time he arrived. He parked outside their shop and waited for morning. That morning he walked in and got a job. After a few days, his boss at his new job gave him a small advance in pay so that he could get a hotel room. It was one of those nasty, scared to sleep in this place kind of hotel rooms. The cheapest he could find. I recall him telling me that when he checked in the clerk asked if he wanted to pay for the night or just and hour. Gross! None the less, it was a place to shower. He stayed a couple of nights at this place. When he received his first pay check, at the end of the week, he upgraded. Although the place was still not ideal, it was better than the last and rather then pay by the night or by the hour you could pay for the night or the week.


My husband worked all day then tried to find a house in the evenings. One day when he was on a service he was talking with the customer about how he was new to the town and what he was doing. The customer told him that he had a rental available that he knew would be suitable for a family. He said that he had gone to collect the rent and the house was empty. Shane arranged for the kids and I to drive down that weekend to look at the house with him. It was a nice house, what we needed and the right price. It was decided. God had sure dropped a blessing in Shane's lap that day. The man renting the house had respect for the situation we were in and did not charge us rent the first month or a deposit. Shane stayed in the house that first month alone as we made arrangements to get the whole family moved.


It was quite impressive that in just over a month's time my husband had obtained a job and located a home with no more than a suitcase full of cloths and $50 in his wallet. He had met some wonderful people whom were willing to help a guy out. None the less, we still needed to come up with the money to be able to move the family to Colorado Springs. We sold anything that we had that was worth any real value. We rented a moving truck, loaded up and we were off to plant our roots in a new place; to build a life for our family and give our kids the best that we could.


Some may have doubted that we would make it in a "new world" away from both of our families. The city was ten times larger than the small town we came from. We didn't really know anyone and didn't know what to expect. Some probably expected us to move back within the first year or two. I highly doubt that anyone expected for us to be where we are today. Hell, lets be real here; I doubted, at times, that we would be able to make it here. It was most defiantly not easy and was absolutely a very scary thing.


One thing is for sure, the whole process gave me a whole new respect for the man that I married. He left home for a town that was "foreign" to us, four hours away from his family. Beginning this journey with literally a small suit case, enough gas to reach his destination, a couple packs of smokes and $50. When he started the journey there was so much that was unknown. There were so many things that would make any other man turn around and go back to what was familiar and easy. Not this man, not my husband. He was determined to make it work, for our son, for our family, for us. He was determined to plant our roots in this whole new place and not just soak them in water and plant them back where they came from.


So, seven years later the roots are well planted and we don't plan to uproot them. We like the city that was so scary and held so many unknowns for us as a family. The city that we now call home. It has been a great adventure thus far. We have not yet reached the top of the mountain but we will continue to climb, fighting bears along the way if that is what needs to be done. We have and will continue to grow and learn and let our roots dig in a little deeper.

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