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Posted on January 13, 2010 at 11:30 AM

I am looking at a busy day today... Who am I kidding?  Everyday is a busy day!  To me, this is great news!


Yesterday I was on a call for a very nice lady!  She was a very mathematical person.  Intriguing, to say the least!  She was throwing around percents of how much cheaper I was than other companies and how much cheaper the price of my part was vs prices that she had found.  It was very interesting to have it all put in numbers/percents.  I was happy to hear her analysis and walked away from the conversation 100% happy in knowing that I am saving people so much money!


As the conversation continued, I was asked how I make any kind of money, considering my prices are so low.  I would like to touch on this with all of you that follow me and those of you that may view my blog. I am able to keep my prices low for several reasons. 


The first and fore most reason is that I am not greedy.  I make enough money to sustain my families needs and that is good enough for me.  I am not looking to get rich or buy all sorts of unnecessary "toys."   Although many of these unnecessary "toys" would be nice, but they are just that... Unnecessary.  Sure it would be nice to live in a bigger house, buy fancy vehicles for my wife and I, take my family on lavish trips around the world, have a boat and RV, let my kids and wife go on shopping sprees at the mall,  but it is all Unnecessary!  Maybe in thefuture some of these things could be possible, but only after years of saving and planning.  I also think that it is important to teach my kids the value of the basics.  If they were to grow up in a make belief world where everything was handed to them, I will have failed.  It is my belief that they should know the truth...  In the real world one must work and work hard to earn an honest dollar.



The second reason I can charge so little is that I have no overhead.  I am the owner, I am the technician, I am the man behind the scenes!  My company consists of my wife and I.   There is no one that needs their "cut" of what I charge.  The money that I  make in "profit" is enough to pay my household bills.  There is some money left, but all of that is continually reinvested in the company.  For those of you who remember, when I started about a year ago, I started with sharing a mini van with my wife.  I slowly saved up the money to put a down payment on a truck.  Then saved another couple of months and bought a tool box, and save another couple months to get signs on my truck. It continues each and every month.  Weather I am buying, little by little,more parts for truck stock or slowly replacing my 10+ year old  tools with newer ones.  I am always reinvesting money into the business to make it more efficient and stronger.


The Third reason I can charge so little is that I don't pay, not even a penny, for advertising!  One of the companies I worked for, here in the Springs, was paying thousands of dollars a month in advertising costs. This, I think, is silly!  It is my feeling that the best way to advertise is FREE advertisements!  All of my advertising is free of charge.  I don't pay for any of them!  My best advertising, which is worth more then a million dollars, is "word of mouth."  All of my customers are so pleased with me that they tell everyone that they know!  They are pleased with my services and repairs, customer service and friendliness, prices and rates. They are happy with me from the time they call me to the time they hand me payment for my services.  I offer things that other companies in this town do not.  I love to save my customers money, love to educate my customers and much more.  Other companies in this town would rather keep things to themselves, as it means more calls and more money for them.



This is just a few of the reasons that I am able to keep my rates low.  I suppose it is time to get a crack on today's calls!



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