Shane's Appliance Repair

Family Owned and Operated


     My name is Shane Moore. I am the owner and technician for Shane’s Appliance Repair. I want to give you a window into who I am and how I got to where I am today. I have a passion in life for two things, my family and Appliance Repair. It is both of these things that have brought me to where I am today.  I have been in the Appliance Repair business for 17+ years. My journey in the appliance field began as an appliance delivery and installation man for a small business in Gering, Nebraska. I worked at Main Street Appliance, which is owned and operated by Leo and Jeff Maschmeier. Leo and Jeff are a father/son duo, they are simply amazing people. After working as a delivery and installation man for a couple months I began learning the service and repair end of appliances. I was immediately fascinated with how appliances work. I have always been a very mechanical person so I caught on pretty quickly to the science of Appliance Repair and Service. Once I began I knew that I had found my life long career.

      Let me begin my story by introducing you to my family. My family consists of my wife, Alexis, and my 3 children, Bailee, David and Kimber. My goal is to be the best father and husband and to provide for all my family’s needs. My family’s needs are what have taken me away from "small town" Nebraska and brought me here to the Colorado Springs area. My son, David, was born blind and missing most of the left side of his brain. Gering, Nebraska couldn’t offer my son the education and resources that he was in need of. In June 2007 my wife and I hopped in the car and took a drive to Colorado Springs to pay a visit to the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind. Here, in the Colorado Springs area, we found an immaculate school, a wonderful community, great job opportunities and a breath taking view of the mountains! We knew immediately that we were moving to Colorado Springs!

     In late June 2007, I kissed my family good bye, jumped in my truck with $50 and headed to Colorado Springs to find a job and a home. I arrived late at night, parked my truck outside of one of the biggest appliance repair companies in this town and waited for morning to come. That morning I walked in and got a job. In just over a months time I moved my family to town. In a matter of 14 months I worked for 3 of the largest companies in this town. I had realized that not one of these companies offered what I was looking for. I needed a company that had the same values and business practices that I had been brought up with. I realized that the only way to find what I was looking for was to do one of two things. Either I could move back to Nebraska or start my own business. Moving back to Nebraska wasn’t an option so I started out on my own! When I left the 3rd company I went to work at Wal-Mart making an $8.00 per hour wage. This was a job to hold me over until I could get enough Appliance Repair business to be able to sustain my family’s needs.

It didn’t take long to reach my goal. It was simple, treat people fair and give them Expert Services at a fair rate. It didn’t take long for word to spread because once I do a repair for a customer they are so pleased that they, themselves, will use only me in the future. Also, all of my customers refer me to anyone and everyone that they know. What really hooks my customers, better then my prices, is my customer service. I like to educate my customers. Whether it is tips on how to save on your utilities, tips about how to make the machine last longer or just simply showing the customer what the problem was and explaining what I did to fix it.  My customers love it! My "small town," friendly customer service can not be beat in this town. My ability to provide Expert Appliance Repair mixed with Great Customer Service and topped with Rock Bottom Prices is what makes my company stand out form the rest. Slowly but surely my business was lifting off the ground.

While working at Main Street Appliance Leo and Jeff taught me the ins and outs of how to do appliance repair and, just as important, how to mange and run a successful business while maintaining your morals and values. They taught me one of the most important business practices that I know, "Treat your customers right and they will return the favor." This business practice is something that I emphasize in my business today. I learned that by being fair and honest you make better customers, life time customers. You don’t have to empty someone’s wallet to get ahead, you have to treat them fair. I am not in the Appliance Repair business to become a millionaire. I am in the business because fixing appliances and making customers happy is what I love to do. I want to be able to sustain my family while providing others with expert Appliance Repair at a fair and reasonable rate. All of my customers are shocked when they get their bill. They don’t understand how I can charge so little and still make money. The reason is three fold. First, I am simply not greedy, I am not looking to get "rich." Second, there is no one that takes a cut of what I charge, I have no overhead.  I do all the service and repair and my wife does the book work. Finally, I don’t pay for advertising. All of my advertising is free of charge and my best advertising comes from "word of mouth."